Number variable not working - again!

Sep 17, 2014

Can anyone else see something that I don't? The number variable doesn't seem to be adding when I drop my source on the target.

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Katie Evans

Thanks Michael! Maybe Storyline on my end was having a temper tantrum. Would you be able to help me with inserting PDFs on a resource lightbox? I've read every thread there is and nothing seems to click.

I have ~12 PDFs I want to link to from a resource lightbox slide (I'm not using the player). I don't understand where I need to save the PDFs so that they'll be accessible from the clients' end with I hand it off to them.

Mike Enders

Hi Katie,

No problem! I'm glad it's working.

As for the's an example:

Here's how to build it:

1. Create your slide that will be your "resources" slide that gets lightboxed.

2. On the resources slide, insert objects/text boxes/whatever the user will click to access the PDFs

3. Select/Highlight the object/textbox/whatever and insert a hyperlink:

4. Add a trigger to jump to the file. You'll click the ... icon and navigate to your PDF.

5. When you publish, the PDFs will get pulled into the published package. You'll find them inside the external files folder (which is inside your story_content folder.

6. If you test locally, the PDFs won't launch due to browser restrictions. However, once you load it to the web (as the example I sent demonstrates), the PDFs will be downloadable.

I hope this helps!


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