Number variable triggers

I've looked at various guides over the last week relating to number variables but I can't get what I want to work.

Area 1: I'd like the user to enter 1 particular digit

  • if they've typed the correct answer it should move to the correct slide
  • if they've typed the wrong answer it should move to the incorrect slide to advise of the consequence (then they can retry so return to base slide)
  • another incorrect option without a consequence I may use elsewhere will include a brief prompt to advise them to retry (I haven't thought of how to do this yet but I will need it)

Area 2: basically the same but using several particular digits

Also is it a good idea to have these within layers or is it best practice to only use a base slide with incorrect and correct layers?

Your appreciate as always appreciated:)

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Sandy

can you upload the slides - easier for someone to help if they can see your setup.

Here is a sample file using a quiz slide numeric entry for Area 1 question - see if that gives you the behaviour you want - you can customise the correct/incorrect layers as you need to.

For Area 2 I would try using a Pick One that allows you to evaluate multiple entries on a slide.  See this video that may help you - it is half way down the post entries

Wendy Farmer

Hi Sandy

see if the attached works for you.

Normally the numeric entries won't clear on revisit, but I have added a trigger to subtract whatever the user put in in the first place to at least bring it back to 0.

Also, your triggers on the second slide were referencing variable on the first slide not NumericEntry1.

Hope this helps

Sandy Mason

Thanks Wendy. 

When viewing entire project  I type in 1 it flashes with the correct layer before opening slide 2. 

Therefore when using number variables is it best to use a hotspot (ie like on ok) or a control button to move to the correct slide?    And if so I'd then need to use the same 'show layer trigger re variable...'?

I do know I will need to use the hotspot on many slides for my project.  Nope, that didn't work, I shall play.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Sandy

because SL doesn't register what has been entered into the numeric or text entry box until the user clicks outside or clicks a button it's sometimes easier to have that control.  I always use a 'submit' or 'continue' button to do that. You don't need a hotspot on the button, just the button will work.