Numbered list from PowerPoint

Hi, just imported PowerPoint file into Storyline and am a little frustrated with the restrictions.

Numbered lists are my main problem right now. The runover lines don't align and I can't find out how to make them work.

1.  Here is the first line of text and

   the second line of text aligns like this.

Can't change the menu design or size of text in player.

Changed some master layouts to accommodate player, but sometimes layout doesn't update when applied to slide.

Biggest problem is that I'm an old hand at PowerPoint, and can make it do nearly everything I want. Key word : nearly!

Client now wants software simulation, so Storyline seems to be the only way to go.

Can user perform In simulations? Will I be able to respond to user upon recognizing an incorrect click?

Sorry about so many questions -- trying to read all the tutorials, but haven't found those specifics yet.

Thanks, Judith

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