Numbering of quiz questiosn along with 3 attempts

Mar 06, 2017


Sorry f this is repetitive but I could not find the combination I am looking for.

I have a question bank of 6 to draw 5 questions. This assessment has only 3 attempts after which the user will have to review the quiz. 

I used variable to limit the attempt to 3 which works. I also created a variable for numbering questions like "Question 1 of 6". But when i go to my 2nd or 3rd attempt the count(numbering) increases and shows Question 10 of 6.

I thought of resetting the variable such that the count stops once the attempt variable changes but that still doesn't help.


Any ideas?



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Amor,

It looks like you tried to share a link to your course from your local drive pointing to the HTML file?  We'd need the .story file or a link to where it's hosted on your web server or LMS to take a look. 

sharing the .story file will allow folks to take a look at your triggers and everything you've set up. 

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