Numbering of Slides

Mar 24, 2016

Hi Folks:

Please remember this is my first course :)

I created a branch option at Slide 1.10 depending on their role category.

"A" string proceeds down from 1.11 through to 1.14

Somehow with my "B" string I start with 1.20 and then go 1.15 through to 1.17.

How can I change the numbering of 1.20?

How does this work for the menu seeing branched numbering when A is for one group and B is for another?

Hope this makes sense.


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Walt Hamilton

The short answer is you can't get that numbering like you want it. Well, you can, but you REALLY don't want to invest what it will take, and if you do, it won't persevere. Besides, the numbers don't show to the user.

If the navigation is correct, you can safely ignore those numbers (although it does drive some of our OCD friends crazy.)

The Menu is a different animal. You have a lot of flexibility in what is included on the built-in menu. SeeĀ this tutorial for more information. However, there is no way to change the menu dynamically or conditionally, so every user will see the same menu, no matter what you include or exclude, and regardless of the path they follow.

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