Numbering quesion from question bank for trigger programming

Hi all.

Is there a way to add slide order/numbering to a variable if pages/questions are shuffled or added to a scene randomly?

Let's say I have a question bank with 20 questions. I draw 10 questions out of the bank. In the master page I have ten squares keeping track of the progress. Once on page one square one is highlighted. Once on page two square two is highlighted and so on.

This can easily be done without variable if I have ten questions without any bank. But as I draw qs from the bank randomly it gets more complicated. So, can I in anyway create a variable that numbers the qs in the order they are drawn from the bank?



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Simon Perkins

Hi Gustaf

I've made a demo for you as attached.

Look at how I've used the QuestionNumber variable to track questions AND manage which squares are displayed in a "done" state as opposed to "normal".

The latter is handled in the Counter layer.  This needs to be identical on every slide because each square needs to know whether to display "normal" or "done" state depending on how many questions have been shown.

Gustaf Sylvin

Wow thanx for that quick respone. Of course you can let that be decided once the timeline starts. Smart indeed.

What if I would like to add some complexity to this example and let the squares not showing the number of questions answered but also which of them you have answered correctly or incorrectly? I have used the variable Results.ScorePoints generated but Storyline, to keep track on how many questions you have answered correctly. Can your smart solution be combined with this variable in any way to also show the above described? Let's say I would like to use green squares for correctly answered questions and red for incorrectly answered questions.

Also do you think I rather can use the master slide instead of a layer as you have? I thought that might save me some work.