Numbering questions in question bank (next/prev button)


we have problem with numbering questions in Storyline 2, when we use question bank.  Of course we cannot make it manually, because we would have randomized question numbers.

Main problem is that we have to use "next" and " previous" buttons. User can freely navigate between questions and submit all at the end. Also we have to use "review" button at the end (but this wouldn't be so hard as it would be enough to reset Qnumber to 0)

I've created variable(Qnumber) and tried to change the vaule in few ways.

What I've tried:

1. Adding just + 1 on every slide(question) - problem is when we come back to previous slide- every time it adds +1

2. Adding +1 when user click next button and substract when user clicks previous (this simple solution might be good but seems to not work at all - variable value doesn't change)

3. I've created shape with 2 states - normal and visited. Shape changes to visited state after 0,5 sek. Variable Qnumber changes only when shape is not visited. Would be good but again - problem with navigating back with previous button. In this case Qnumber stays on highest value, doesn't substract on previous questions.

I've read this posts from last year: 

I'm coming back with it, maybe storyline 2 has some more possibilities on any of you found sollution. Would be grateful for help.

Regards, Damo



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