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Jul 11, 2013

We are creating quizzes that the user will be accessing two times. We have set the questions up in question banks, and the questions will all be drawn randomly. We would like the user to be able to see how many questions they have answered so far. In the past, we have simply numbered the questions, but with the questions being pulled randomly this will not work. Is there a way for Storyline to automatically generate question numbers or a progress bar to show how much the user has completed? In captivate (the tool we originally used) there was a widget for this function, but we cannot find any such tool in Storyline, nor have I found any question that touches on slide/question numbering.

Thank you for any help.

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Jessica,

I'm afraid I don't have any suggestions for recreating the same type of progress bar that you used with your Captivate projects. However, I did find a somewhat similar thread that you might want to check out, or you might want to join the discussion. The original poster was also inquiring about a bar similar to what's available in Captivate.

Here's the thread:

Is it possible to add a progress bar in Storyline?

Best of luck on the project, Jessica!


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