Numbering Quiz Questions in Storyline

Jun 27, 2012

Hey, Everyone,

We have a final assessment at the end of our course and I am wondering if it is possible to number the quiz questions so the person knows where they are at and how many questions they have left to go?

Thank you,


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Philip Siwinski


when pressing the Previous button on Quiz review, there is a short lag before the variable is subtracted correctly.

Don't you have the same issue ?

An a question master slide, a trigger 'when user clicks Next' doesn't seem to work.
I'm adding 1 to the currentQuestion variable in the question slide master when timeline starts.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Philippe,

The short delay may be specific to the testing location (LMS/web server/local), the browser you're using to access it and your overall internet speed. You'll want to ensure you're testing the published content within the intended publish environment as detailed here and that you're viewing it in a support browser here. Also, it's worth noting that triggers will execute in the order detailed here. 

Emalyn Lim


This method doesn't apply if during accessing assessment when I leave the course by clicking browser's close button and returned resume to where I last left off, the number add up 1 more due to the trigger was set to add+1 when timeline start. Help? I'm using Storyline 2

Also, I noticed that at 2nd try of the quiz/assessment, I exit the course after I finish the assessment and the last screen was the result page. When I resume the course, it brings me back to the 2nd last question which is still need me to complete but I've already completed it. I have tested in my company's lms moodle. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Emalyn,

If you're returning a slide after closing the course, the slide will return to the start of the slide as the users' position in the timeline is not saved until they've left the slide. 

As far as the resume point, I couldn't say for certain without a bit more information, but you may want to review the information here about why the resume may return you to a different point or you may have also hit the suspend data limit detailed here. 

Gerry Wasiluk

Hi, Emalyn!

To test for the SCORM 1.2 resume issue in your LMS, see my first "little" post in this thread:

Essentially, you need to turn on debugging in your course and then look for a specific SCORM 1.2 error ("intSCORMError=405") in the debugging output.  When the issue is present, on resume, you always get returned to the slide BEFORE the limit was exceeded.

Emalyn Lim

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for the prompt reply. Nonetheless, this still doesn't solve my problem of this thread I posted here and also to the QA team. So far there has no feedback till now.

I have no choice but to use the add variable value when timeline start cause it doesn't read the trigger of add variable value when click NEXT during review quiz. Therefore, it leads another issue to the lms bookmarking problem.

Hi Gerry,

Thanks for the detail information. Helps a lot! Now depends to my superior on how he wanna proceed from here but foreseen there would be problems of using SCORM 2004 at client's side.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Emalyn,

You mentioned sending it along to our QA team as well, and I don't see a submitted support case from you, although I do see a few feature requests that came through and those do go to our Product development team for review so a little bit different of a set up. Question or slide numbering is not something that is built into Storyline, and as such the methods for doing so are often a customized set up and something our team may not always be able to weigh in on. If you do believe it's an issue with how Storyline is behaving we can investigate that as a bug and you are welcome to share them here in the forums or send them along directly to our Support engineers. 

Gerry Wasiluk
Emalyn Lim

Hi Gerry,

Thanks for the detail information. Helps a lot! Now depends to my superior on how he wanna proceed from here but foreseen there would be problems of using SCORM 2004 at client's side.

You are welcome!

Have seen a few LMS's where SCORM 2004 is very problematic and unusable or else unsupported. 

As one example, a couple of years ago, I worked directly with Articulate, SCORM.COM, and Saba to get Storyline courses to work a certain logical way in a client's Saba 5.x LMS with SCORM 2004.  Due to the (brain dead, IMVHO :) ) way Saba implemented SCORM 2004, we couldn't get it to work.

Joe Jones

My team want to allow the student to skip questions when taking a timed exam with random questions for a question bank and come back to it if time allows. I am using the timer to display time remaining and numbering the questions as outlined in previous entries from this thread.  I have activated the PREV and NEXT buttons on the question slides to allow the back & forth navigation (the menu is removed). Is there a way to allow the student to go back only to "skipped" questions? I notice that the "SUBMIT" button is missing from the answered questions ,,, is that the only way to identify answered and unanswered questions?

Joe Jones

I am very interested in the "At end of Quiz return to skipped questions" discussion of 2 years ago ... but am unsure how to trigger variables to identify unanswered questions. Here's my scenario:

* Using question bank

* 50 questions in 60 minutes

* Question slides have PREV/NEXT and SUBMIT buttons to allow students to skip or answer question

* Not using feedback layers ... student will find out their score on results slide

I have noticed that when I go back to review, the SUBMIT button is gone on the answered questions, but I do not want the student to go back over 50 questions to identify which ones are unanswered. How do I use variables to only have them go back to their unanswered questions? Is the variable trigger set for each slide? What triggers the answered variable ... off the NEXT button? If so, how do I prevent variable from changing to unanswered when going through the review.

Below is an example of the quiz features being employed.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Joe -- Thanks for your response, and it may be easier for others in the community to chime in with suggestions to help accomplish what you have described in you were able to upload your file here. Please use the grey ADD ATTACHMENT button in the bottom left of the reply box, and you will be able to browse/upload from there. 

Also, I wanted to note in case you were unaware, when you reply to a forum notification via email, the details in your signature are displayed publicly in the post. If you would like to remove that info, please use the EDIT button beneath your post and hit "Update Reply". :)

David McDonagh

I know this is an old post, so hopefully someone sees it. I tried some of the methods above with success for over a year now, however I just noticed a glitch with my thinking.

I had it adding 1 to the variable when the submit button is clicked. The problem is with the message that appears if a choice isn't selected. The page doesn't advance, but the submit button was clicked so it adds 1, which ends up throwing the count off.

I have the code entered on the master slide. I've tried adding code to text boxes and even shapes that are off the screen, so that once the timeline starts, 1 is added to the variable.

This works for the first page using that layout, but it doesn't continue adding 1 after that. I'm assuming it's because the timeline started on the previous screen and it's not resetting.

Any thoughts?