Numbering quiz total questions when user retakes quiz

Hi everyone

I am trying to set up a variable that when the user has to re-take the quiz after failing (using the 'Reset only incorrect questions' option.

What I want to show users is how many questions they have left to take using: %QuestionNumber% of %QuestionTotal%. It's the %QuestionTotal% variable I want to change to show the new total of questions based on the incorrect questions they now have to answer.

Previously I would have just set the %QuestionTotal% to equal the number of questions in the quiz but the variable needs to change with the new 'Reset only incorrect questions' feature.

Has anyone found a way of writing the new variable?

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Dayln Robertson

I've got it working by doing the following;

  • Set the 'correct points' to '1' on each question
  • Add the following trigger to your 'Retry Button' - subtract Results1.ScorePoints from QuestionTotal

That will work for the first retry, however if the learner has to retry multiple times you will end up with a negative value for your QuestionTotal. To address this I have included the following Layer Trigger on my Results Slide;

  • Set QuestionTotal to [Value] when the timeline starts