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Hello all,

I am building a course in Storyline 1 part of which requires a user to enter a 16 digit numeric value before proceeding to the next screen. I have added a Numeric Entry data field. It appears that the number of digits which can be entered is restricted to 14 with 2 decimal places. Is there anyway to increase this to 16 without decimal places?

This has been frustrating me for a little while now. Can anyone help?

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Michael Hinze

Actually I didn't provide a solution to Mervyn's problem. it seems that in conditions SL only allows a 14-digit number to be entered. The only 'solution' I could think of would be to pass the NumEntry into a Javascript that compared the entered value with a 16-digit number and based on the result of that comparison displays the layer.

Christie Pollick

Thanks for the additional information, Michael, as I seem to have misunderstood your initial response! :) Mervyn, if you would like our Support Engineers to take a closer look for you to see if they have some ideas to suggest, you are welcome to use this form and I'll be on the lookout for your case to follow along. :)

Christie Pollick

Hi, Mervyn -- As I suspected, it appears that 14 characters is the current limit, as confirmed by one of our Support Engineers in your case:

"I understand that you would like to increase the number of characters for a numeric variable. Unfortunately, the limit is 14 characters only. If you would like larger character limit in the next version of our software, I suggest that you let our product team know by filing a feature request form. For more information on how we handle feature requests, please visit this page."

ruchi dhabale

Hi, anyone can help me,  I use the Number Entry Field, for Entering the numbers by user, where it work succesfully on Preview slide, but if we publish that file, then Number entry field also accepts the Characters also, which is not suitable for my slide, I want the only Number field which enter by the user, not the characters, please suggest me, its imp for me...


Wendy Farmer

Hi Ruchi

Text-entry fields accept alphanumeric characters.

Numeric-entry fields accept only numbers, decimals, and hyphens (for negative numbers).

If your field is set as numeric entry and accepting characters other than decimal or hyphen sounds like it may be corrupt. Have you tried recreating it?

Can you share the slide and someone may be able to take a look for you.r

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Ruchi, 

If you're still having difficulty it'll be really helpful to take a look at the slide in question from your .story file. You can upload it here using the "add attachment" button at the bottom of the reply window. 

Also, I wanted to link to our general article on working with the data entry fields.