Numeric Data Entry Field and Course Resume

Jun 29, 2012

Just wondering if there is an identified issue with a Numeric Entry field and course resume?

Go to Insert > Data Entry > Numeric entry field and add such a field to a course with resume always on.

Per this documentation ( ), you can enter numeric data entry fields and the field can accept numbers, decimals, and hyphens preceding negative numbers.

You publish the course and you can enter decimal numbers:

You exit the course and re-launch it and then navigate back to the same slide.  The value has been truncated:

Any way around this so the numeric value originally entered is completely retained?

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Math Notermans

Basically Storyline Numeric Input field doesnot save all decimals. Older versions probably truncated the input to an integer, Storyline360 now rounds decimal numbers to 2 decimals max.

So if you input 1.238954 in a Numeric input field Storyline rounds that internally to 1.24 and on resume shows 1.24 instead of 1.238954.

A workaround for this is using a temporary string to save your decimal value.
Like in the attached SL360 file. On input the value is stored in a text variable, that you can use on resume. You have to  change that string back to a numeric value to use it in calculations offcourse...


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