Numeric entry field - changing number inside field with arrows?

Hello all! Hope everyone had a good weekend!

Just a quick question.  I feel like it should have an easy solution, though I've been looking around via Google searches and searching around on the forums for an answer with no success.

When entering a numeric entry field, how is it possible to get the arrows next to it - to click to change the number value inside? (see the example in the image for the "arrows").

When inserting a default numeric entry field, it just lets you manually enter/type a number in with the keyboard.

How can you get the arrows next to the box so you can change the number by clicking the arrows, as seen in the icon for it?

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Jay Yearley

Thanks for your responses, everyone.  Yeah, I assumed it was just somewhat misleading.  Though just wanted to ask to make sure I hadn't missed an extra feature that couldn't be found in the interface.

Thanks for the example .story file, Phil.   Really appreciate you sharing that. Looks like you  wanted to do something similar and just built your own!