numeric entry resets in quiz

Hi - I'm building a quiz and when I tested the functionality, all the values I entered in the quiz as correct are mixed up.

I created a fillable document (numeric entry) and then converted to a freeform quiz in Storyline 360. When I go to change the number in the form view of the quiz it changes every numeric entry field in the form view to the number I just entered. So if I change something to 10, when I click on another numeric entry that had 3 as the answer, it shows as 10. 

This doesn't seem right to me, but wondering if I missed a step?

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Pip Fowler

Hi everyone,

I am trying to create a numeric entry quiz question with multiple numeric entry fields, using the freeform text entry feature as there doesn't seem to be a freeform numeric entry version. I have entered this $2,600,000 in the text entry field, but that doesn't work - I'm guessing because it wants me to put in text not numbers. Can anyone help me? I have attached the Storyline file and would be very grateful for some guidance.

Ren Gomez

Hi Pip!

You should be able to insert a Numerical text entry by going to the Insert tab, clicking on Input, and selecting the Numeric entry field!

You can read more about that in this user guide here, and if you wanted to see some examples of slides with multiple numeric entries, check out this discussion. Hope this helps!