Numeric Question with Multiple EntryFields

May 03, 2012


I tried different ways to make a question with more than one numeric entry fields but didn't get any results.

For what do I need this? The user gets a data-Sheet and should calculate different figures (see attachment).

I don't want to make it with an matching-type-question, so that the user has to calculate all by himself and isn't able to pick a choice.

Any suggestions how this could work within one slide?

Thanks, Roman

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Steve Flowers

You could also tie it to a multiple select question or true / false then overlay with another mechanic. I like to do this with true / false question features for complex activities. Either you got it right or you didn't -- go / no go.

For example, if you wanted to track on the LMS which selection the participant got right and which were wrong you could underlay your question with a multiple select question. No need to show this question, it can actually be behind an overlay it just captures the "rightness" of the choices for tracking purposes.

Setup your question slide with 9 choices in a multiple select question. Each selection will be true to make the question correct. You can label the choices with something meaningful.

Now overlay the choices with a shape to hide them and create your question with fields. Use a trigger on each field to set the corresponding choice to checked / unchecked (whatever the object states say) depending on whether the value entered is correct. You'll need two triggers per field with the event "loses focus".

Now you have some choices on how to leverage the object states of the question. You can make sure that the learner gets it all right before continuing. You can give them a couple of tries then show them the right answers with some clever use of variables. With triggers and variables you've got a lot of choices on how to make this work. 

Mike Enders


What ideas might you have for helping the learner know what answer out of the three they got wrong?  I see this as a challenge when we're evaluating multiple entries but only giving a blanket feedback.  So right now, the learner would know that something is wrong, just not which one.  If one wanted to give specific feedback, where to from here?

I'm trying to wrap my mind around the logic for showing more discrete feedback without going "Phil Mayor" in terms of coding.


@Phil.  I'm seeing a new theme....

"You just went all Phil Mayor on the course"

"I just pulled out my inner Phil on that interaction"

Mateusz Szuter


Quite old post, but I'm using these examples right now

I made everything working for me, but I have one problem.

I would like to give someone oppurtunity to correct mistakes only one time. So I made freeform to give two chances, but now I have infinity chances until you type it properly. I've done everything like on the screencast. 

Have someone any ideas how to deal with that?


Brian Schuster

I know this is a old thread but I am having trouble with getting mine to work just right anyway. I am trying to do a 7th grade cashiering assignment for my students with multiple fields but can't get it to grade all entries.  It will grade the first entry but it does not seem like it is bringing in the other numbers. I have attached my storyline file if you have any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it. 

Here are the answers









Mike Enders

Hi Brian,

In your use case, I might be tempted to create the question in a manner similar to what Jeanette Brooks does in this Screenr. The only difference being that you'd be using numeric fields instead of text fields.  I've attached an example using your file.


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