Numeric Survey - Custom Feedback

Hi Everyone,

I have a stress survey I am trying to incorporate into my storyline project.

The survey asks participants to give a score out of 100 as to how stressful they find a number of different events. They are then asked to add up the numbers they have given for each event to give a total score. From this different feedback/advice is given. I am trying to replicate this in storyline.

I have created a number of slides containing the events and a numeric field for each event for learners to enter their score into. I have also created three slides to give different feedback depending on the total score for all the events. I am not sure of the best way to get storyline to add up the numeric fields and direct learners to the appropriate slides. I have a total of 43 different events/numeric fields. Has anyone managed to do something similar?

Thanks, Tracey

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