Numeric Text Entries show "0" and then blank on different slides

I’m having some issues with numeric entries in Storyline 360. In the attached file slide 1 shows the "0" and slide 2 which has the same numeric entry type shows blank. I've been having a hard time trying to figure out what happened and why they are different on each slide. I have used the community (such as this discussion link ( to find a solution that works, such as the javascript examples, but that doesn’t appear to work for me as I receive the NaN message in the numeric entry box on slide 1 instead.

Any insights?

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Louise Lindop

Hi Shannon.

I downloaded your file and played around. No explanation as to why, but when I went into the variable definition and edited the variable and re-saved, it fixed the problem. That is 1) go into the variable list 2) double-click SA16 3) click OK 4) do the same for the others that aren't working 5) click OK to save. As I say, no idea why, but I've attached an updated .story.  Hope it works back at your end.