Numeric Text Entry Quiz Questions in Storyline 3

Apr 19, 2019

Hello Heroes, do I need help!

I am trying to create a gamified quiz that duplicates a nursing workflow where a nurse types numerical values for various components of a patient's skin integrity. Each field is assigned a number from 1 to 4 and the total displays in the Braden Score field (this will look familiar to any nurse).

For testing purposes, learners will be presented with a case study and they have to assign the correct value for each field. I need to do a few things:

1. Have each typed-in value add up to and display the total 

2. Add points for each correct answer in each field

3. Subtract points for each incorrect answer in each field

4. Submit results and provide feedback

5. Reset everything to zero and allow them to try again

I know I'll need each field to be its own question in the quiz and when the slides advance, the entered values from the previous slides will have to be visible.

Where I'm stuck is applying a typed value to a total score with the appropriate number of points either added or subtracted. I know I need variables and triggers...just not sure which type and how to make them work.

Thanks in advance,


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Steve Gannon

Hi Diane,

In response to this thread...

...I provided the attached file as a demonstration. While it doesn't do everything you wish to accomplish, perhaps it will get you started (file duplicated here as an attachment). This approach ensures that your users will only enter whole numbers within the range you specify (instead of, say, "93.6789" or whatever).

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