Numeric Trigger Help


I'm working on a project that is heavily reliant on variables and triggers and I am so close to being done but I have one pesky trigger that is giving me trouble. 

In the larger project this trigger, "KitchenSink100" is used to change the state of a button on another slide (red and green based on whether the learner answers the question correctly). For this sample I've just included the reference at the top of the screen. 

My goal is that when the timeline starts on the "Correct" layer it will set "KitchenSink100" to 1. When the timeline starts on the "Incorrect" layer it will set "KitchenSink100" to 2. But no matter what I tie the action too it seems to always go to 2.

I've got this same trigger working on other slides (not included), though those are multiple choice, not fill in the blank. 

I've attached the sample slide (please ignore how messy it looks, I have different settings on my main project) below but can include more detail if necessary. Thank you!

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Carrie Gauthier

Thank you so much Wendy! After some testing (and realizing that part of the issue was me pressing ENTER rather that following my own directions and clicking SUBMIT) I think it was those correct/incorrect triggers making everything go wonky. Classic case of over-complication on my end. I really appreciate the help!