Object Event Trigger - Change object state at end of Scroll Panel

Hi folks. I am just trying to find a way of having an objects state change when the user scrolls to the end of a scroll panel. I found this thread asking for a solution to this only 6 short years ago but, alas...

Anyway, I see that there are Object Event Triggers that can be called upon to do stuff when they interact and I thought that this might be a solution.

But, again, alas, it seems that if an object is within a scroll panel it is not "seen" by the other object and therefore the interaction fails to trigger.

Does anyone know of a workaround, or do the Articulate Tech Gurus know a way of making shapes and objects within a scroll panel "visible" to other objects on a slide?

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Diarmaid Collins

I forgot to mention that it does work if the interaction is placed on the 'non-scrolled' item and the scroll box doesn't move (useless - but functionally behaving), but fails to trigger once the object within the scroll panel has shifted position.

As a workaround, by attaching the interaction to the 'scrolled' object I get a preview screen that fails to render...

... so, uh, that doesn't work. But it should, shouldn't it? :)