Object in base layer showing in other layers when hidden

Jun 27, 2012


I'm new to storyline (as most are) and I'm reworking an existing FAQ interaction. On all slide layers other than the base layer, I want certain things to show and certain objects not to show. I am hiding (closing the eye) of the things I don't want shown from the base layer on the other three layers. It's working for most objects but the animated group is still showing.  What do I do?



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Sue Ascher

HI Christine,

Here's the file - I used the 'business circles' template and added the check marks when each section of the module was completed. I added the trigger to show the "Thank You" layer when the states of all five circles were visited. I hid the original 2 text boxes on the base layer - but these are the ones that are showing through. I also noticed that when I click on the red and orange circles, they seem to 'jump' and show the check mark slightly before going to the section slide.

I tried a workaround this morning using a completely new thank you slide instead of the layer and changing the trigger to go to that slide when all the states were visited. That didn't work either because it automatically jumped to the 'thank you' slide instead of the section slide (orange button) when the circle was clicked.

Thanks so much for your help - I'm quickly approaching the deadline!


Christine Hendrickson

@S. Yu,

Welcome to the community! Thanks for sharing that suggestion :) 


Looks like S. Yu is right :) I took a look at the file and I do see what you mean about the "Thank you" layer that's staying on top of the other base layer text. I changed the revisiting option to "Resume saved state" and now it seems to update properly when all the sections are viewed.

Can you take a look and see if this works for you as well, please?


Nadia Zaid

This is a very old thread, but I am still having this issue. I've never experienced it before, but text on the base layer is showing up on a layer, even though it is hidden. As a workaround, I recreated the base layer background and visible base layer items on the layer and set the background to 0% transparency.  This is only one of several time-consuming bugs that I've run into today.

(using 360)

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Nadia,

Running into bugs or unexpected behavior is never fun, but we're here to help.

I took a look into the issue you described and saw our team has an open issue where while viewing the Flash output, hidden objects from your base layer still appear when you add a trigger in the slide layer that will change the state of the object on the base. Does that sound similar to your slide setup? If so, I'll include this discussion in that report with our team. 

If you've run into something else or are unsure, I'm happy to take a look at your file. Share a copy of the .story file here with us by uploading using the Add Attachment button. 

If you've seen other odd behavior that you need help with, let us know! We're here for whatever you need.

Doug Waggle

Hi, I spent several hours on what sounds like a similar issue. Hidden items from the Base Layer were all I could see when my layers were selected. I'm pretty new to Storyline, so I thought I was missing something simple. 

But now I'm pretty sure there is something buggy going on. I am uploading my simple 3-layer slide. If you run it as is, selecting my buttons on the top results in messed up layers. If you delete my object group from the Base Layer and run things again, things work like they are supposed to.

I haven't tried converting the object group to a single picture, which would be OK here, but I have several other slides, such as my Demo layer where I need the grouped objects.

Any help and thoughts would be appreciated. 

Doug Waggle


Thanks. I did come up with an easy work around (after spending a couple of
hours trying to figure out what I was doing wrong.) Once I was sure it
wasn't something I was doing (as far as I could tell), changing things up
was easy enough. I used a simpler base level and put the more complex
diagram on a different level.

I just thought I'd share that with you so you'd know and just in case I
have something similar come up.



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