object in intial State and not in Roll over state shows in the rollover state also when previewing?

Hi, I have created a in image which has a Normal state and a Hover state only. Both images are PNG files. For the Normal State I added number "1" which sits on top of the normal graphic. It is not in the Rollover State.

When I test it in Preview, the number "1" now also appears in the Rollover State but behind the Rollover image (It is a PNG file of a window graphic) and I cannot seem to prevent this.

I have also noticed that if I move the Normal state Button on the slide to reposition it, the number "1" does not move with it correctly at all it seems to go off in a different direction....very confusing.

any ideas?

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Darren McNeill

Cheers, but not sure what else i can provide. Only that this occurs if I choose the Hover state as the second state, delete the Normal instance that gets copied and then I import the new Png file as the Hover state. If I delete the hover State and create a new state and name it Over, then add a trigger instead to do the same thing then it works fine. There is no logical reason for the text digit of 1 to show in the preview for the second state when it does not show in the Edit States setup.