Object Intersect not working when grouped

I'm a new user to Storyline and have been trying to get some mechanics to work for an xmas game I was planning on making.

I have a rectangle (attached screens) which moves up or down the screen and when it collides with one of the explosions changes the state of the explosion. 


I've created a graphic that's larger than the canvas and have an animation for it to slowly move from left to right, giving the impression the rectangle is move along it. I want the explosions to move in sync with the background so created a group and applied the animation to the group.

When I do this and preview it I just get a white blank preview (screen attached).


I tested it by removing one of the explosions from the group and turning off the triggers for the other explosions and it previewed fine.

1. Is this a bug with Storyline?

2. Is there any other way around it, other than adding animations to each explosion (I'd ideally like to avoid this).

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Sarah Hodge

Hi Arash and welcome to E-Learning Heroes! 🙂 I recently experienced something similar and found a solution I want to share. I edited the second line of each of your intersection triggers. For example, I changed this trigger...

Change State of Explosion 1 2 to Visited
When Explosion 1 2 intersects with Character 

...to look like this:

Change State of Explosion 1 2 to Visited
When Character intersects with Explosion 1 2

When I preview it, everything now works and the blank screen no longer appears. I attached an updated story file for reference. I hope that helps!