Object position changes when viewing in tablet or mobile

Mar 05, 2020

I have placed an object to a certain position which looks perfect in desktop.

When I test the same slide in mobile(Landscape/portrait) the object moves from its desired location.

Can we lock the position of the object so that it will be at its designated place among all the devices?

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Chirag!

I'm happy to help! Just to clarify, you're seeing objects move positions when viewing the course on a mobile device, correct? 

Since Storyline 360 comes with a Responsive Player you should see the course conform to the mobile device without moving any object around. 

In this case, would you mind sharing a screen recording of how the course is displayed on a desktop and how it's displayed on a mobile device? This will help me figure out which settings we need to adjust so that it's a seamless view for both.

Vincent Scoma

Hi Chirag,

Thank you for sharing your screen recording! 

It looks like the issue is taking place during the Preview mode in Storyline. Have you had a chance to publish the course and see if it behaves the same way on a mobile device? 

Also, if you can share your file or that slide with us, we're always more than happy to help! You can share files to this thread using the Add Attachment button, or you're always welcome to share your files privately here. We'll let you know our findings and will delete it after having a closer look!

Lauren Connelly

Hi Chirag!

Thank you for these details! I've tested your file on my end and I see exactly what you're noticing on your end. I've reached out to our Support Engineers and started a case on your behalf. This will help us get more technical expertise on the course so we can determine what the fix is.

I just sent you a quick email explaining the process, so please let me know if you didn't receive that! I'll be following the case to see where the culprit is. 

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