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Sep 13, 2012

When I insert an object like a shape into Articulate Storyline it fills up the timeline from the point where I paused the eLearning all the way to the end of the timeline. This means that I have to do multiple scrolls and resizes to get the shape to the desired size in the timeline. Is there a way to keep a newly inserted object from taking up all that extra space in the timeline? Thank you.

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Gerry Wasiluk


Click on the timeline where you want the object to appear.  The playhead will move to that point.  Then insert your object.  It will start on the timeline where your playhead is.

Unfortunately, the object will still default to lasting until the end of the slide.  You'll have to adjust the end point if it is not until the end of the slide.


Jamie Morgan

You've probably already figured this out, but if you right-click on the object in the timeline, you have several options for timing. This may be easier than scrolling to the end of the timeline and dragging the end back to where you want it. For longer slides, I just right-click the object and select Timing and enter the duration I want for the object. You can always drag the ends to fine tune it if need be, but I find that quicker than scrolling to the timeline end and dragging it back.

Yoni Hubermann

Thanks Jamie, I didn't figure this out alone...

But I do think it would be much better if we could simply decide the default duration value for entering objects.

For me, the more common option would be short duration rather than objects that stretch till the end (also for that we can simply choose "show till end").

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