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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Jeunesse,

Really sorry you're running into that! It sounds like you may be encountering low memory.

Are you able to do a "Save As" and save the file in another location temporarily?  

If not, you can also try opening a new Storyline file by right-clicking on the Storyline icon on your desktop and selecting Open. Then, copy all the slides from the original file into the new file. Close the original file, then try saving the new file.

Let me know if either of those options work for you!

Jeunesse HQ

Thank you.

Yes, I tried copying and saving them to a new file, I still got the same message. I think they were corrupted because I originally saved them in the J drive, and then copied them to the C drive.

I ended up doing all the slides again. Fortunately, I'm just starting the project and I know now to save everything in the C drive and not the J drive. 

It's all ok now.

Best regards.