Object seems to lose default state='hidden' when returning to slide

I have a slide with two clickable boxes. Those boxes have a 'hover over' trigger to display a caption to explain to the user what the button will show them. The trigger has the 'Restore on Mouse Leave' option checked.

The buttons also have a visited state so that the users sees which one they clicked on when they come back to the slide. This is triggered by a variable that is set to True when they get to the end of the chain of slides that the button takes them to. When the timeline on the slide starts, there's a trigger to set the state to Visited if <variable>=True.

The weird thing is that when you come back to this slide, the caption is permanently displaying.

Any thoughts? I appreciate the description of the situation is long and fairly complicated...

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Alastair Scarlett

Brief update: the hover over triggers work as expected when the user first visits the slide.

It is when the original box is in the 'Visited' state that the caption is permanently displayed.

Hover1.png shows the caption being permanently displayed

Hover2,png shows the second caption appearing behind the first when I hover over the upper button

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Alastair and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

I'm not sure that I'm following along here. It sounds like you have a state that is determined by a variable and that it is displaying due to that?

Do you have a .story file that we could take a look at to understand the behavior you are seeing? Just let us know the steps to replicate and what your expected behavior is.

Alastair Scarlett


Actually, I fixed it by adding extra slides triggers that set the state of the caption to Hidden on timeline start if the related button was 'Visited'

It seems to have done the trick. Although it's a bit fiddly.

I'm just finalising the module for delivery to the client today. I believe it is possible to just publish the scene in question??
I will do that shortly and post here with detail on the relevant slide # so you can take a look.

Walt Hamilton

For further information, if you hover over it, hover will show. Then if you click it and jump to another slide, it never registers as leaving, so the hover state should persist. You can experiment with this a bit. What happens if you move over it the second time, then leave? What happens if you set the slide to reset to initial state on return?