object size limits?

Dec 18, 2017

Hi. I have this object that at the moment is 203 screens over 4 sections and is just under a gig in size because almost every page has a short video attached. Apart from not really liking saving over its own name it seemed to be fine but users are giving me reports of it crashing ie and chrome and sometimes not loading images which I can't recreate. Will this be due to the size of the object? I've had a look but couldn't really find anything about size limits.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hello Bruce,

There isn't an official file size limit or a limit to the number of videos you can add, but the community can certainly weigh in on their experience here. This discussion is older, but it's a good place to start. 

When learners experience slowness or crashing with published content, impacting factors can include the browser they're using, the output (Flash or HTML5), internet speed/bandwidth, and so on. 

Let us know if you're able to recreate the problem in your testing, and we'll help you investigate!

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