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Jan 30, 2013


I've noticed objects in Storyline can be in multiple states at the same time (eg. Hover, Visited and Selected) but I cannot work out how Storyline calculates the order in which the states are drawn.

In the example attached there are 3 seemingly identical buttons but the state priorities are in a different order for each. Unfortunately I'm not sure how I accomplished this and can't replicate it with any consistency.

I have a set of buttons in a project where I cannot make the 'Selected' state have priority over 'Visited' no matter what I try. 

Does anyone have any advice on how to control state priorities? 


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Christine Hendrickson

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes, Thomas!

I've had a look a the file and I'm still not quite sure what it is you'd like to do. Maybe if you can tell us why you'd like to change the priority, we can give you some suggestions. The states are really effects, so they're called when certain actions are taken. You would need to use triggers to have them behave "out of the ordinary". 

Give us a little more detail and maybe we can help you with what you'd like to accomplish


Phil Mayor

I had a look this morning there is something strange going on, I believe selected should override visited until it is no longer selected.

It is obvious that there is a bug of some sorts here because dependant upon the order the priorities are different.  What I believe Thomas is trying to show is that something is wrong and this file does it well.

All buttons in this example have the same states just in different orders and the priority of each is different, this may be by design but I never knew this, so either its not a bug and we need a KB article or it is a bug and needs reporting

Steve Flowers

There are some strange rules to the visual and logical behavior of object states.  How the states were constructed has a bearing on how they will be displayed. For example, creating a new state as a copy of the Normal state then layering on that state for visited decorations will behave differently than if you create or paste a graphical element within a state. The state will recognize items that are repeats and "enhance them" with state contents. If it's a completely new object, it's won't recognize this as an enhancement.

Thomas Egan

Thanks for the help so far everyone.

I've got a button set that a client has requested changes to and I'm finding those changes impossible to make.

I need the buttons to have a Normal state, a Hover state, a Selected state that is the same as the hover state and a Visited state that is the same as the Hover and Selected states but in greyscale.

Ideally the priority order of these states would be Selected > Hover > Visited.

I've tried recreating the states for the buttons many times, creating them in different orders, creating from both new and duplication of other states. I've tried using the change picture option in the format menu on the same object, I've tried inserting new picture objects into states and I've tried adding new picture objects into states and layering them on top of each other. I've also tried using different picture files for each state but nothing works consistently.

I was able to make one button work by adding the Selected graphic to the state again and placing it directly over the old graphic but I did the exact same method for all my other buttons and it didn't work for any of them.

I realise I can copy the one button that works and swap out the assets but each button is referenced by multiple triggers on multiple layers and I'm trying to avoid having to redo all the triggers as well.

tl;dr I'm looking for a method of creating states so that the Selected state has priority over the Visited state.

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