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May 13, 2013

Good day - I have been searching through previous posts, but don't think I see anything quite like what I am experiencing.

I have created 5 different states for a number of objects:

Normal, Active, Visited, Hover, and Disabled

They seem to work correctly, except for the fact that when the Visited state displays, it appears that the active state remains on top, but the visited state is there as well - kind of like a layer, I would guess...  I have played with the slide properties to have it "resume saved state" but that doesn't seem to help.  I have put images of both the states and an example of what it displays.

Anyone run into anything like this?


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Daniel Brigham

Hi, Brent: Sorry about that issue. You don't by chance have any variables that might be the cause? I tend to doubt it, but that's the first thing that comes to mind.

Is it just the two states (active and visited), you are having the issue with? If so, I might make a copy of the presentation and start messing with those two states (perhaps deleting one and seeing what happens... or renaming one). Not a technical answer, I know, but if you are pretty sure the issue is just with those two states, might be something to look into.

Brent Berheim

Thanks, Daniel - it does appear to be just those states.  The hover appears when it should and then disappears, and the disabled turns to enabled per the trigger I have set up.  

It is very strange.  I created them on another project and did not have this issue, so going to investigate that as well to see what I might have done.

Brent Berheim

Good morning, I think I found the cause (though not sure I understand it).  When I set up the states, I created my own (Active) state, and was disabled change state to active when another object changed to visited state.  For some reason (luck?) I decided to delete the Active state that I created and use the Selected state that is one of the standard ones.  That fixed it!

So - my guess is that states that we name (create) on our own may not work as we think they should?

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