Object States

Nov 29, 2016

I've created an object with a Normal state and a Selected State. The Normal state has a line that creates an border. I don't want the line to appear in the selected state. The selected state does not contain this line.

However when I test it, the line from the normal state still appears. Is there a way to fix this? See attachment.



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Pedro Gutierrez

Hello, I'm having a similar issue in that I've created a state for an object that contains an image. I created a "Selected" state on an image so that it shows text only. The "Normal" state is an image with icon saved into it. I'm going for a "flash-card" effect for when the image with icon is clicked. However, the image from the original state carries over into the selected state and I'm not quite sure why. 

I was able to correct the issue by inserting a shape the same color as the background to opaque the image in the "Normal" state that kept showing behind the text. Just sharing this in the case that anyone else has encounters the same issue.

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