Object unassigned when selecting 'Media Completes' in trigger

Nov 04, 2015

I have an online video inserted in to my course. I want the slide to automatically advance to the next slide once the media has played in full (not when the timeline ends - as there is an issue of advancing to early if the user pauses the video).

I am trying to create a trigger as follows:

Action: Jump to slide

Slide: next slide

When: Media completes

When it gets to the object, I want to select the Online video, but the only option is Unassigned and the trigger fails to create.

I have looked through other discussions but can't find a resolution to this. Is there any reason why I am unable to select the online video.

I have some tight timescales to work within - so would be very grateful for some quick guidance.


Many thanks,


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Kevin Thorn

HI Carolyn,

Right, that trigger is looking for media actually on the slide whether audio or video. Since your video is online, Storyline cannon recognize the media type so that's why you see "unassigned" with no options.

And I understand why you would rather not time it based on when the timeline ends. Unfortunately, that's about your only option here. Try extending timeline a second or two for a trailing buffer. Not the best solution but may help.

Sorry couldn't be of more help. Perhaps others here have an alternate solution.

Kevin Thorn

Understand this is a design constraint. To Walt's suggestion, you may have to add a button in order to advance when the user clicks.

Is there a specific design requirement to advance automatically? Thinking out loud, but if a user were to pause the video for whatever reason, would they not also want to rewind or watch the video again? If so, auto advancing eliminates the ability to re-watch.

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