Object visible to accessability tools issue

Jun 03, 2014

Hey everyone,

I'm currently building a course that you can naviagate solely using your keyboard only. I noticed that I can't use the inbuilt menu without a mouse. I can open it up but can't actually jump to screens. I haven't restricted any of the screens and am completely lost. Is this a known bug or is thereĀ  a setting I have yet to find. Thanks in advance for the help

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Chad Cardwell


You should be able to tab onto the Menu (you should see a yellow border around it), and then press the up/down arrows to move the focus to each menu item. Once you've selected the item you want, you can press the space bar to open it. Once you do this, it seems that the focus (yellow box) will jump away from the menu... requiring you to have to tab all the way back to it.

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