Objects and links appearing without web controls

I've had this issue recently where when you create a web object in Storyline to open in a new window, depending on which web browser you use, it may or may not display the navigation controls for the website. I'm happy to say I found a workaround for the piece I was doing, and I thought I should share it:

Firstly I created button in storyline with 'Launch' on it and right clicked and saved it as an image.

I saved it into a new folder called module 1 (You can call this what ever you like)

Next I created a basic html file and saved it into the same folder as index.html:


<body><a href="yourlink" target="_new"><img src="launch" border=0 />



Next you need to upload this folder and its contents  to somewhere where your learners will be able to access it. The ideal is the folder where you intend to put your learning.

After this is done, you can create an object which links to the URL of the text file in that folder, in the location you just uploaded it to. Set it to open in the presentation, and resize it so that it takes up enough space to show the button without any scroll bars. You may need to publish to do this and get it right.

That's it. Ok, it may not open automatically, but  you can instruct people to click on Launch to open it.

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