Objects change position based on computer's display settings

I am working on some projects in Storyline 2 with a team, using Sharepoint to manage files and only working on files saved locally. In doing QA, we have noticed that some shapes seem to be out of position, and we have assumed that the last person missed it. But now I have found that when I adjust the Display Settings on my computer, it affects the position of a lot of the objects in the project.

The recommended setting for my computer is 150%, but I had it set to 175%. My coworker, who has her laptop set to 125%, was saving files to her computer, uploading them to Sharepoint, and then when I downloaded and opened the files, some (and only some) of the objects move out of position, even on slides that I don't touch. 

Is this a known issue?

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Tom Kuhlmann

This may help explain what's happening. Unfortunately, as the monitors have gone to 4K, it does impact the way the UI is displayed. This has been resolved in the updated versions of Storyline, but not in the older Storyline 2 version.


Jack Drolet

Thanks for your reply. Do you know why it affects some objects and not others? 

That article explains a lot but it might not be completely accurate. I have an HP EliteBook and its recommended display setting is 150%. The article says to use 100%, but maybe it should say to use the recommended setting. I used the website below to check my DPI settings since I can't find that on my computer. 




Crystal Horn

Hi Jack.  What version of Windows are you using?  In the article that Tom shared, there are instructions for checking the dpi in different Windows version.  In Windows 10, for example, this is what I see:

For Storyline 2, we specifically recommend 100% scaling, or 96 dpi.  If you change to 100% scaling and republish your content, can you let us know if you're still seeing distortion?

I'll check and see if I can specifically answer why certain objects are affected more than others with other dpi settings!