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Oct 30, 2019


I'm not sure if this is a bug. But I have three tabs, and each tab has three states-normal, custom browse and clicked. Clicking the tab would show a specific layer. The problem is when I hover over or click between tabs, one of the tabs would disappear and it's not consistent which tab disappears either. I wonder if anyone has experienced similar issues and have a fix. Thanks!



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Ned Whiteley

Hi Silvie,

Thanks for adding your file. I am still working my way through it to determine what is happening, but in the meantime I just wanted to raise one issue.

I have noticed that you have created Browse and Clicked states for each of your buttons and their associated items (icons, text etc) and then have a series of triggers to change these states when the user hovers over the button or clicks on the button. Storyline has a series of built-in states that don't require triggers to activate them and using these may save you a whole heap of time and may also solve your disappearing tab problem (I haven't yet had a chance to check that out yet!).

When you create an object state, you can build that state from several different components, which saves you having to Group your text and icons with your shapes and create individual states for each of them (i.e. your button state already has the icons and text built into it). In the attached example, I have recreated one of your buttons and used the built-in states Hover and Down to replace your Browse and Clicked states and added the text and icons into the shape state in each case. As a result, no triggers are required to replicate your original button state changes.

If these button states suit your needs, I suggest you try reworking one of your slides using the built-in states and see if the disappearing tab issue goes away for that slide, before changing the remaining slides.

If you are not sure what I have done or if you have further questions, please do not hesitate to get back to me here.

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