Objects in Storyline - Position and Hierachy

Hi everyone,

I have a question which I haven't been able to find an answer. I am creating a project that has several layers and each layer has their own images. The images move around and sometimes they overlap, and my first question is on the overlap

1.) If images are in different layers how does Storyline decides which image shows on top of the overlap? I thought first it was due to the order of the layers, but this is not the case. Also if both layers start at the same time how is the overlap case, which object goes first?

After further research this answers part of the question.

Now here is my second question and this maybe too advanced

2.) Is there a way to know the coordinate of a moving object? I do understand that this may require JavaScript, but my goal is to prevent the overlap by checking the coordinates of an object and if one object is at the same location pause the other object so there is no overlap.

Attached is sample file that shows an overlap and what I mean by having them in separate layers and why I would like to know the coordinates of the object.

Thank you in advance!


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