Alignment issues in preview and publish mode on AS3.

Jun 17, 2017

Hi there, 

I don't know if someone reported this already. I am trying to create a module on AS3 and have used arrows at the bottom of each slide for navigation. The arrows look perfectly aligned. However, on preview mode or once I published the course, it looks different. Is this a bug? Because I am aligning them by clicking the align-middle button on the top menu. Please see the screenshots below:

Check out the edges of the arrow below in preview mode:

Publish mode


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Crystal Horn

Hello Mohammed.  Thanks for including your .story file for testing.  

I noticed the same thing in your file, even when I created my own L-shapes and rotated them to the same degree.

It looks like the HTML5 output is not properly aligning a rotated object.  In your case, the L shape that is rotated 225º appears to be too high by 3 pixels.

Are you publishing for HTML5 only or first?  If so, you can open the Size and Position window on that shape and lower the shape by 3 pixels as a workaround.  

Have a look at the L-shape that I added to your file here.  I published with HTML5 as the default output and Flash as a fallback.  The HTML5 will appear correct in nearly all browsers.

I'm going to document this issue for our team to investigate in the meantime.  I'm sorry that it popped up like that!  I'll update this discussion when there's more information to share.

Let me know if moving the position of the 225º object is suitable for you!