Objects Not on Slide Appearing in Preview and Publish


I am having an issue with a particular slide. I am using Storyline II. 

This slide has 4 buttons. The branch to four different slides. There is some sort of glitch with this slide. There is a text box with a header on all of the slides. On first visit the slide appears correctly.

When I return to the slide after click a button and viewing the linked slide, a secondary header appear in a different location. This happens each time I click a button and visit another slide, so that after the 4th button, there are 5 headers appearing on the slide. 

I have tried removing the header from the first slide, but the 2-4th version still appear upon revisit. I have the slide with the buttons set to Resume Saved State.

I have rebuilt the slide 3 times, all have the same issue. I have also imported the entire project into a new file as I was worried the file was corrupted. It is still doing the same thing. I can't post the whole file, as the content is covered under an NDA.  I could upload to a secure link.

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Deepak Mohanty

Hi Carrie,
Are you using slide layers or 4 different individual slides as branching? 
Without looking at the .Story file, it's difficult to say why this is happening. However, you may once again check the slide objects, and may also test it in different browser. 

Or Articulate Staff might help you further.