Objects Not on Slide Appearing in Preview and Publish

Feb 08, 2018


I am having an issue with a particular slide. I am using Storyline II. 

This slide has 4 buttons. The branch to four different slides. There is some sort of glitch with this slide. There is a text box with a header on all of the slides. On first visit the slide appears correctly.

When I return to the slide after click a button and viewing the linked slide, a secondary header appear in a different location. This happens each time I click a button and visit another slide, so that after the 4th button, there are 5 headers appearing on the slide. 

I have tried removing the header from the first slide, but the 2-4th version still appear upon revisit. I have the slide with the buttons set to Resume Saved State.

I have rebuilt the slide 3 times, all have the same issue. I have also imported the entire project into a new file as I was worried the file was corrupted. It is still doing the same thing. I can't post the whole file, as the content is covered under an NDA.  I could upload to a secure link.

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