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Josh Uhlig


There is also a bug related to this issue.  If you have a shape in the background of you base layer, when you click on any additional layers, it will bring that shape to the foreground of the base layer and cover any images you may have placed there.  It doesn't seem to affect text boxes, only images.  See the attached for an example.  You'll notice in Slide 1, there is no issue when clicking on the aditional layers, but in slide 2, the image in the foreground will move behind the shape when you click on one of the additional layers.  If you have a solid fill on the background shape, it will look like the images simply disappear.

Shelley McKay

Hi Leslie

You're right there is no issue when previewing - I should have mentioned that. It's when I'm working on the actual layers. I have to place the various elements on the base layer to get the positioning right and then cut and paste onto each layer.

Can you at least see that the images disappear when working on the layers? this has never happened to me before.



Josh Uhlig


If you hide the shape that is sitting behind your images, (the hot and cold weather boxes), then you can click on the individual layers and see each of the clothing images.  Just hide the yellow and pink boxes in the background using the little show/hide icon in the timeline next to those two items.  You can then work with the additional layers, and "unhide" the shapes once you are finished.


This bug doesn't seem to have been fixed with the upgrade to Storyline 2, so unfortunately that won't help.