Objects on base layer not visible from other layers

Jan 05, 2018

Hello, everyone!

Just thought I'd share an interesting feature. (This may have been fixed in a recent update, but because I'm not an Admin, I have to call the Help Desk every time I want to update, which is a nuisance, so I don't do it as regularly as I might - current version for me is v3.9.13567.0)

I have had a problem viewing my base layer from other layers, in that some base layer objects  were visible and others not. By a process of elimination, it turned out that the 'missing' objects were always images, but they were only invisible from other layers if they were placed on top of a background shape. If they had no other shape behind them, they were visible!

Anyway - just thought I'd save maybe one person from scratching their head as I have been over the past day :-) 

I've attached a couple of screenshots - one of the base layer, one of the view from layer 1 - to illustrate the situation.

Happy 2018!



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Katie Riggio

Hi there, Martin! We fixed the issue you reported where an image on a base layer would be hidden on the slide layer if the image was on top of a background object.

Here's how you can update Storyline 360 to see all the latest features and fixes. If this problem resurfaces, please record a Peek 360 screencast for me, and I'll be happy to help!

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