Occasionally removing the feedback slide

Hi team

I have a client who wants to remove as many 'clicks' as possible for the user (if anyone has worked with Doctors, you'll understand ;) 

In the quiz, if the user gets an answer correct and there is no feedback to give, how do I move them onto the next question without having the 'correct' slide popping up?

Alternatively, if they get the question wrong, I then want to give the 'try again' slide and not move them on.

Is this possible?

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Melissa,

If you increase the number of attempts for the question, Storyline automatically adds a Try Again layer. 

The Attempts field is in the QUESTION tab. You can set it to whatever number you want.

Here's the default Try Again layer (in the Classic player). 

Note that Storyline has to be set to provide feedback on the question to allow for multiple attempts. In other words, the Correct and Incorrect layers are needed, so you can't skip the Correct feedback.

However, you can skip a click by editing the triggers on the Correct layer. 

  • The default triggers hide the layer and jump to the next slide when the user clicks the Continue button.
  • Edit the triggers so those actions happen when the layer's timeline ends. That will provide feedback that the doc answered correctly, but they won't have to click to advance. You can shorten the timeline so they don't have to wait the default 5 seconds. 
    • Alternately, you could have the triggers execute when the timeline begins. Be aware that the users might see a brief flash as the triggers execute. 
  • Delete the Continue button.

Here's what the Correct layer would look like after doing the above steps: