Odd Black bar at the top of my screen


I am stumped!

There is a large black bar that has appeared at the top of one of my slides and I have not the slightest idea where it came from.

It is not on my time line as an object, nor can click on it.

I assume that it is part of the slide itself (like a certain format) 

Can anyone help me with this?


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Crystal Horn

Hey Michael!  Is that image from your Preview within Storyline or from the published output?  The left side of the Player looks a little weird too.  If you're viewing the published output, make sure you're doing so in a supported browser.

I know that the layouts in the Design tab have certain elements that can't be removed.  The one that you're using also includes a "Title Only" layout that has a black bar-like space at the top for title text.  If you change the layout of your slide to just the "Blank" layout, you might eliminate it.