Odd data from Quiz Results

Let's start off with development specs.

Storyline 1 (latest version)
SCORM 2004 3rd editiion

Now to my problem.

I'm having an issue with how the quiz interactions are being reported to the LMS.

I have tested the course on Scorm Cloud and here is what I am seeing for my mutichoice questions.  If I take the quiz once and exit when landing on the results slide these interaction id's are recorded.

'cmi.interactions.0.id', 'Scene2_Slide3_MultiChoice_0_0'
'cmi.interactions.1.id', 'Scene2_Slide4_MultiChoice_0_0'
'cmi.interactions.2.id', 'Scene2_Slide5_MultiChoice_0_0'
'cmi.interactions.3.id', 'Scene2_Slide6_MultiChoice_0_0'
'cmi.interactions.4.id', 'Scene2_Slide7_MultiChoice_0_0'
'cmi.interactions.5.id', 'Scene2_Slide8_MultiChoice_0_0'
'cmi.interactions.6.id', 'Scene2_Slide9_MultiChoice_0_0'

This is all fine and well.  Now if I relaunch the course and resume where I left off. It takes me back to the results slide.  I see my previous score, and everything looks good.

Now if I do nothing else but exit the course, I noticed that the previous quiz interactions get sent to the LMS a second time.

'cmi.interactions.7.id', 'Scene2_Slide3_MultiChoice_0_0'
'cmi.interactions.8.id', 'Scene2_Slide4_MultiChoice_0_0'
'cmi.interactions.9.id', 'Scene2_Slide5_MultiChoice_0_0'
'cmi.interactions.10.id', 'Scene2_Slide6_MultiChoice_0_0'
'cmi.interactions.11.id', 'Scene2_Slide7_MultiChoice_0_0'
'cmi.interactions.12.id', 'Scene2_Slide8_MultiChoice_0_0'
'cmi.interactions.13.id', 'Scene2_Slide9_MultiChoice_0_0'

This does not seem good because now if I look at a report to show the interactions it shows 2 reponses for each question even though I technically only ran through the quiz once.

Is this happening due to the fact that I am returning to the results slide and it having a trigger to submit results?


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Chad,

It sounds like you've identified the issue - and if you return to the results slide and have the properties set up to reset to initial state - I suspect your trigger is submit results when the timeline starts, so it'll resubmit them. Have you looked into either changing the trigger or the slide properties? 

Chad Keller

I've tried changing revisiting to "resumed saved state".  I also removed the submit results trigger to try to prevent it from submitting results at all.  No matter what I do, the result slide always submits results with or without the trigger.

A similar conversation that talks about the submit results trigger directly goes into even more detail on what I have found odd.


I put it in a separate question because it wasn't really directly related to this question.  I'm sorry if I created two threads that should have been one to begin with.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Chad,

No worries on creating two threads! It looks like you shared your file in that thread with Emily, so we'll be able to take a look at how things are set up and do some testing ourselves. As Phil mentioned, once you meet the completion point, the course is typically set into review mode as mentioned here. 

Chad Keller

Review mode makes sense when the course is marked complete.  But my issue is if you fail the quiz and resume to the results slide to retake the quiz.  The results slide sends 'undefined' learner responses for the quiz questions and creates an extra 'dirty' response in the LMS interactions report.

I plan on putting in a submit request for my two issues I have brought up.  

Thank you both for your time.

MIke Bowie

Hi there, I know this is 3 years old now, 

I'm having a similar problem with Storyline 2, where the user is able to click on the play button after successfully completing the course (example 95%). The course is returning to the Results slide and even though we have set the slide to 'Resume Saved State'. Now even without pressing anything else, the course automatically says they have failed (with 15% every time) and then squirts this new result to the LMS.... So they pass the course initially, but when returning to it they have failed....

Any update?

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Mike, 

Thanks for reaching out - I see that Chad's case was still waiting for some additional information from him, so it's not something we were able to determine the cause of (whether it was Storyline, the LMS, or something else the user did). 

Have you already looked at testing the course in SCORM Cloud to confirm how it behaves there? Another option would be to enable LMS debug mode and then see if you can spot the point at which the data is reset.