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Adam Bayliss

Storyline 360, Tested in the LMS and in Review - in both Edge and Chrome. I'm sorry, I can't share the project - I seem to have found a way around it..

I found that the error only happens in dynamically created textboxes - so I've now solved my problem by having seperate textboxes for the € and for the number. I guess € is incompatable with the string format that SL uses?

Another problem I have is that dynamically created textboxes (i.e. those containing a variable) have no shadow (like vampires.!.) - is this a known issue? is there a way around it?

Thanks for your help Alyssa!


Katie Riggio

Hey, Adam. Happy to help with these stumpers!

I created a test file using Storyline 360, Update 26, and published it to Review 360; here's the URL. I'm having trouble recreating the issues you see on Chrome v.73 and Edge, so I still need your help:

RE: € 

  • What font are you using in your Storyline course? I tested Articulate, Arial, and Open Sans, but I wonder if this issue could be font-related. Let me know, and I'll run more tests with the same font!

RE: 🧛🏻‍♂️

  • We haven't seen applied shadows to text boxes with variables not appear, so I'm glad you also brought this to our attention! Could you share a screenshot of what you see in Storyline versus in the published output?