Odd red text

Hi all,

I'm seeing some very odd red text in preview and publish on a few slides. These slides are nothing special, just text, shapes and markers.

I can't read what it says but it appears to be an error script.

I've experienced this a few times with this project and have found that importing into a new project helps for a short while but it is concerning that this is happening.

I've also repaired SL but that didn't resolve the issue.

Has anyone else experienced this? 

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Harri! Looks like we have actually seen this strange text before here, and this is what was discovered:

That red text is coming from ByteScout (a third party library that converts emf to swf).  

When that arrow is being converted to a swf it appears Bytescout thinks it is not registered. 

I would suggest you try re-install, reboot and re-size the arrow (to clear the cache copy) and try again.

Hopefully this will help you as well.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Harri! At this time, we have had no reason to consider this a bug, as all reports of the problem have been resolved by re-installing, re-booting, and re-sizing the arrow, which indicates a local problem with the installation of Storyline.  However, if you find that your problem is not resolved, please file a case so that support can look further into it.

Harri S

Hi Leslie,

Personally I feel that any unexpected behaviour that impedes user experience should be considered a bug. If you believe it is related to local installation issues then the focus should be on making the installation more stable and robust. 

I hope you pass this on to the relevant people as customer feedback.

However, thank you again for your help in resolving the issue on this occasion.