Off Line publish to an Android Tablet

I am brand new to StoryLine and brand new to the E Learning Heroes website as well... So be gentle.  I did attempt to search the site but couldn't find anything addressing this specifically - so here it goes.

I have created a course in Articulate Storyline, it will be mated up with a LMS at a later date for student use BUT in the meantime I am wanting to publish the course (without the LMS functionality) to a Samsung Thrive tablet running Android 3.2.1.  At this time, I am just wanting the presentation to run so that I can carry it about on the tablet for review by various internal stakeholders.  I don't expect the quizzing features to record results.  I understand that the LMS will perform that function.

I went ahead and used the "Publish to CD" feature to publish to a file on my desktop.  I then placed that file onto a USB drive.  I tested the file from the USB drive on a different laptop and the course worked fine.  I then used the same USB drive to put the file onto my tablet. When I click on the Launch_Story.exe file on the tablet, I get a pop up window which states "There is no associated application for this file type."  What am I missing?

I am really wanting to run this on the tablet for ease of portability vice running it on the ginormous laptops our company purchased.  Can anyone help me with this?

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Bill Harnage

Hi John and welcome to the site...

EXE files are for windows machines.  The easiest way to view SL content offline is to publish it and also check the html5 option.  This will provide you a flash and html5 version of the course.

Take the output folder and copy that to your droid tablet or the tablets SD card.  If your tablet doesn't have a file browser just download one from the play store.  I like ES File browser personally.

Then just navigate to the story.html file and launch it.

John Gilpin

Ahhhhh....  I just noted that I used the "CD" tab and, if I am hearing you right, I should have used the "LMS" tab which includes HTML and Mobile Devices.  That makes sense.  I was really hoping it was something simple like that and I just missed it.  Only off by one tab it looks like.  Thanks for the help and I will be back if I can't suss through this.  But I am confident that this will work.

John Gilpin

HMMMM...  Not as easy as I had hoped.  I did as you suggested and all was smooth until I clicked on the story.html file to launch.

It takes me to a pop up window which says "Open with" and gives me the option of HTML Viewer or Printershare.  When I try HTML Viewer it goes straight to a "Webpage not Available" screen.  Printershare, surprisingly, actually starts to bring up the first slide before it locks up.


Bill Harnage

Hmm, not sure if this would matter, but you could try publishing using just the web tab.  That really shouldn't matter though.

You mentioned running android 3.2.1... Are you using the stock browser?  You might try installing Chrome, Dolphin or Opera.  The stock browser might not have the best html5 support.

Martin Iwinski

I had the same issue: trying to open the story.html file wouldn't work on my Asus Android Tablet. This issue was solved by downloading "SWF Player - Flash Fileviewer". Once installed, the story.html file will load into your default Android browser and properly display the local Storyline files stored on the tablet for offline viewing.

Hope that helps!