Offering a second quiz in one project

Hello Heros, I am trying to create a package that requires a 100% pass, but with a second quiz bank offered if the participant does not achieve on the first set of questions.  In essence I am trying to set a condition to track result from 2 results slides.  Complete = Pass results slide 1 or Results slide 2.

Would using variables be an option?

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Murray Giles

I have tried a solution of setting the completion on number of slides viewed.  One path where the participants succeed on the first quiz is shown several hidden slides (flash for less than a second) for their page count to equal what is required for a Complete.  The participant that fails the first quiz is directed to a second. If they pass the second quiz they would have viewed the number of slides for a pass, if not they are directed to an exit before the number of slides is reached.


This seems to work in theory only as the completion data is not getting sent to the LMS.  I have tested in ScormCloud which confirms this.  I am using Question Banks which seem to be counted as 1 slide.  has anyone tried this type of solution and having issues with Completion data?