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Nis Ove Jornaes

Hey Peter,

Any news on the offline viewing capability?  We are about to sign up for Articulate Online, but it would be great to have this important feature working, as this is how we'll reach learners in Australia where our customers have "sub-optimal" internet infrastructure.

It'd be great to know approximately when offline viewing will be enabled again.

Best regards,

Nis Ove

Peter Anderson

Hi Nis!

Glad to hear you're giving Articulate Online a shot - I think you'll love it And I'm in agreement that an offline viewing / tracking feature would go a long way toward enriching the experience. I know it's something that our team is working on and I'm confident that we'll have a solution in time, but I don't have any updates or a timeframe to share at this time. I'll be sure to keep the thread updated with any progress, and you can also subscribe to our Word fo Mouth blog for all things Articulate.