Offset Bold Text in Storyline

Can anyone explain WHY text in Storyline becomes offset (out of alignment) when Bolding? Typically, I will notice the text is out of alignment in development mode but looks okay in Preview mode or once published. However, the project I am currently working on, the offset text is WORSE in Preview mode than in development mode. 

Is there anyway to fix this. (See attachement for example.)




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Kimberly Lococo

Thanks for the reply!

The font I'm using on this particular project is Century Gothic and this is the one that is offset in Preview but appears to be pretty closet to alignment in Development. However, I typically use Arial font (which I don't consider a custom font) and usually the Arial will show offset in Development but NOT in Prevew/Production - totally the opposite as this project.

In any case, I find this VERY frustrating. We used to use Articulate Engage and it did the SAME thing with the fonts offset when bolded. I wish this could be fixed!